Steering wheel leathering

Steering wheel leathering

1. Appointments

We can make an appropriate appointment by phone or in person. If you would like to get an offer in English, please write an email for the following email address: The steering wheel can be done in 2-3 hours and you can wait it on the spot.


The steering wheel in any case must be removed from the car, but you do not have to worry about that this operation causes any damage to the air bag or in the steering wheel. For this is the many years of experience the guarantee. Do not worry about the error code in the airbag. With the proper procedure your computer can not detect the interaction. By the BMW E60-61 types error may occur. It is usually observed in the younger models, but in any case I inform the owner about it. It will not be a real problem, the fault code must be knocked out in service and the discomfort ceases.

Attention: Some Citroën models where the airbag does not turn along with the steering wheel are exceptions from the assembly. It is recommended to remove the steering wheel in a professional service before leathering.

3. Steering wheel leathering

A steering wheel can be leathered in different styles. It can be:



With sports nominations



With color inserts


For the leathering are several options available, depending on the design and deterioration of the steering wheel..

The simplest way if the steering wheel factory-skinned is. I remove the old cover, cut to size the new leather coat and sew on the steerig wheel.

- More complex the solution if the old cover aged only in his glaze and I put a leather coat for it. In this case I leave the old coat above and sew the new cover on it. The grasp of the wheel will be thicker, more pleasurable. The different parts, for example airbag, multi-switch and chrome-plastic inserts will be match perfectly in this case, too, thanks to the thinning and removal the unnecessary leather.

- I undertake also the leathering of wheels which are not covered with a leather coat originally. I clean the wheel from any deposits of dirt and put high quality leather coat on it.

- I leather wood grain steering, too, which are time-consuming and they required great professional experience due to the vulnerability of the wood layer.

- Sometimes is the steering wheel sponge-plated. In this case I put a new leather coat for it of replace the sponge layer.

- After each assembly I carry out verification code checking in the airbag which can be easily solved by turning the key. The error indicator lights up when you turn the ignition switch and then goes off after a few seconds, which means that the structure is flawless.

- The work has been completed, the only remaining thing that the Owner inspects the wheel. "Happy customers are the best advertisements."

- Thank you for checking the methods and steps of the steering wheel leathering!