Steering wheel leathering

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I am Tamás Sebestyén, upholsteerer.

A fter the acquisition of my profession I decided that I specialize myself for steering wheel leathering. Therefore I gained a lot of experience in this area and today I already consider myself competitive in my profession. Besides the steering wheels I make leather coat for shift knobs & boots, hand brake and for motorcycle seat. My products are unique, hand-made and with guarantee but the pictures speak for me.


I work only with original, high quality oxhide which is made specifically for automotive use. You can select the most suitable one from the colourful assortment.

Only my thread colour palette wider than the leather assorment. You can choose any colour which harmonizes with the car interieur, polish or dashbord lighting.


The stitching what I use is called European-style "diamond" formation and you can assemble the sewing from 3 different colours. There are proven colour schemes:
- BMW (light blue, dark blue, red) - Audi (silver, black, red or silver, red, silver) - Skoda (green, black, red)

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